Phillip Firehook

LWell Concierge

Phillip joins our team while finishing his final year with the College of William & Mary. There he is pursuing a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Kinesiology & Health Sciences. Since working closely with physical therapists through his athletics, he has developed an interest for preventative healthcare and holistic wellness. Gaining his own certification as a personal trainer in 2019, he has begun developing training solutions for achieving clients’ individual and small group goals.

Phillip is most passionate about his coursework in the nutritional sciences. He seeks to apply  these principles of sports nutrition to his work as a personal trainer and head of W&M’s rugby team. Following joining his local Exercise is Medicine chapter, Phillip has been able to lead guided walks throughout Williamsburg. This has facilitated his local work with less trained and aging populations, designed to foster mindful activity and greater community amongst members. His interest in this style of wellness programs has led him to pursue courses on community nutrition, dietetic disease management and ultimately a career in public health.

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