Traject is an eight week program working with a performance expert in a group setting. This is a deep dive into the mindset and psychology of eating. You can expect to learn habits that lead to long lasting change in behavior with a greater understanding of the barriers that get in our way. Many times, it’s not that we don’t know what to do, it’s the how behind it to create a healthier lifestyle. Join Traject to learn easily digestible tips to see long-term results towards your wellness goals!

You can expect each class to be an hour long with additional weekly accountability and health coach check-ins to support your progress via a simple to use app.

2 program choices:
In-person at the WISC: September 28 – November 16, every Tuesday at 6pm (minumum of 6 participants needed)

Virtually via Zoom: September 29 – November 17, every Wednesday at 6pm

Plate of healthy food

Optional a-la-carte Programs to Optimize Results

Self-Guided Nutrition

$50 total

Follow a balanced, Mediterranean-style approach to meal planning with weekly, standardized meal plans sent straight to your inbox (with a shopping list even!).  New, fresh ideas for healthy eating designed by our own LWell Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. Only for Traject members, sign-up here.

Customized Nutrition

Insurance usually pays for this!

Meet one-on-one with an LWell Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to help with more stubborn health issues or nutrition needs. Be prepared to tweak, adjust, and monitor all aspects of your health. Request an appointment here or call the LWell office.


Fitness a the WISC

$160 total

Exercise is a foundation of wellness, and we have partnered with the WISC to help you make the biggest impact on your health.  3 one-on-one sessions ($100) and a 2 month membership($60) for those that are local to Williamsburg only.  Inquire here and be sure to mention LWell for a discount on the membership component to this.

Traject Class Topics


Understand your Why

What you bring and hope to gain from the process


Confidence & Self-Belief

Develop and foster a growth mindset


Goal Setting & Motivation

Develop habit loops for long-term change


Responding to Setbacks

Counteract the all-or-nothing thinking


Push Past your Comfort Zone

Deconstruct your fear of failure and worries


Resisting the Urge to Quit

Develop quit resistance 


Stress Management

learn different strategies for you


Strength Based Approach

Utilize strengths to influence behavior

Taught & Coached by LWell’s very own Certified Mental Performance Consultant.

Rosemary Hutcherson

Kacey Gibson, MA, CMPC

Get on Track

Call to schedule your appointment with an LWell dietitian and get on track to better health.

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