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Take Control of Your Health

Fed up with weight gain and other frustrating effects of your autoimmune diagnosis? Spending countless hours researching mystery symptoms? Why is weight loss so complicated? LWell’s Succeed! Medical Concierge Program with medical management delivers results where other approaches fail. We know you want to feel better, and we take your health concerns seriously. LWell is ready to be your partner in developing a personalized program for holistic healing, including a highly customized lifestyle, nutrition and fitness plan. We will help you achieve safe, successful results and work with your existing medical team if necessary. It’s time to take back control of your health today.

LWell Autoimmune

Together, We Succeed!


Stop the Suffering

Ease the pain of your autoimmune condition.


More Energy

Take back control of your health.


Weight Loss

Support and guidance on your journey.


Holistic Approach

Lifestyle-based strategies for wellness.


Nutrition Therapy

A whole-foods approach to healing.


Medical Management

We will work with your doctor.


Testing by Request

Solve the mysteries of your diagnosis.


Tools for Success

Everything you need to Succeed!

Take Back Control Today

Struggling with an autoimmune disorder and related weight gain? G.I. tract issues? Mystery diagnosis? There IS hope. LWell’s team of experts will help you achieve your optimal health and weight naturally and holistically. Through medical management AND a customized lifestyle, nutrition and exercise plan, you can stop searching, start healing, and return to the life you love. We’ll provide all the tools and support you need to Succeed!

LWell Succeed Autoimmune

Succeed! Autoimmune

Medical Concierge Program

No more guessing! Our clinical experts will build a personalized medical nutrition therapy and lifestyle management plan designed to help you heal from the inside out. It’s time to take back control! 3-month minimum required membership.


Succeed! Consult (1:1)

One-on-One Consultation

Feeling sluggish or lost? Misdiagnosed again? Let our panel of experts give you a confidential and qualified second opinion AND a plan for true healing once and for all.

Get on Track

Call to schedule your appointment with an LWell dietitian and get on track to better health.

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