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Are you ready for a transformational change? It’s time to rewrite your health story at LWell. Whether you are here to lose weight, ease pain, reverse aging, manage your diabetes, sleep better, outsmart menopause, reduce inflammation or all of the above. The LWell App can help you achieve this.

With easy-to-use features and access to a team of experts whose mission is to help you reach your goals! The time is now to begin your journey toward the healthy lifestyle you have been seeking.



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Set and Achieve Your Goals

We understand that your goals are personal. Whether you’re just starting out, or further along in your journey but need a boost, the LWell App will guide your individual health objectives by providing practical approaches you can use right away. We’ll help you stay motivated, empowered and on track to look and feel your best.

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Join Our Community

With LWell’s group chat, get expert advice and connect with like-minded people who are working on becoming fitter and healthier just like you. We promote a supportive environment where you can share your daily successes and challenges with each other.

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Fresh Content Every Day

You’ll never be bored on the LWell App. You’ll find plenty of pro-tips, motivational videos, recipe ideas, healthful articles and fitness routines all created by LWell’s elite team of dietitian nutritionists and health experts. And if you need extra help, we are here for you.

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Visualize Your Progress

Sometimes, the hardest part about achieving your health and fitness goals is visualizing your progress. With LWell’s app it’s easy to see your health improve with our user friendly graphs, metrics and progress-images in real time.

Included in the LWell App Free Version

Habit Tracking

Habit tracking for accountability and step-by-step success

Meal Tracking

Food and meal-tracking software aligned with your goals

Expert Content

Educational content created by our elite team of health experts


Daily dose of motivation to help you reach your goals

Exercise Videos

Exercise video database and activity tracker 

Program Access

Clear and instant access to all of your LWell programs

Instant Messaging

Easily reach an LWell practitioner with the click of a button

Group Support

Group support and chat with fellow program participants

Progress Data

Data and progress tracking to measure your results over time


Easily book appointments with your LWell practitioner (upgrade)


We will never sell your data


Sync your data with MyFitnessPal

Pick a Plan

Ready to change your mindset and finally lose the weight for good? Want to heal your relationship with food forever? There IS a better solution, right here at your fingertips. LWell’s certified Health Coaches and Registered Dieititian Nutritionists (RDNs) are ready to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals naturally with the right level of support that works for you.

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Health Immersion Program

(Live plus Text Coaching) 

Want weekly check-ins with a LIVE expert? Learn why you haven’t been successful in weight loss and get ready to change your MINDSET!


  • Clinically Supervised Program
  • Mindset Therapy Work
  • LIVE Weekly Check-ins
  • Full Access to LWell App

Health Immersion Consult

(One-on-One Consultation)

Struggling to lose weight? Not sure where to begin? Schedule a private consult with an LWell Health Coach. Get ready for REAL results with focused, expert advice for changing your mindset and approach to weight loss.


  • 1:1 session with an LWell Health Coach
  • Most Personalized Attention
  • Establish Your Health Goals
  • Create a Plan for Success!

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