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Elevate Your Life as an LWell Dietitian.

Now you want to serve people in your own practice. Build your own brand. Elevate the wellness in others. Grow a business.

The challenge is – and we’ve seen it firsthand – growing a business takes time. It takes administrative support. It takes experience in navigating the health care arena.

And all of that takes AWAY from the time practicing and serving others. It’s hard to be the expert at everything – sales, marketing, nutrition, customer service, accounting…the list goes on.

That’s where LWell comes in.

Because you can’t do it all alone.

With LWell’s team of visionaries, mentors, practice managers and colleagues, you get the back-office support you need to build and grow your practice so you can focus on serving others … and yourself.

You can develop your skills as a practitioner, hone your craft, excel at what you love to do, and leave the rest to us.

Think of us like a “practice in a box.” We provide the kit to help you grow.

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How It All Works

The Visionary

Let’s start with a chat! If this all intrigues you, let’s get together and see if LWell and our program could be a good fit for your practice.

The Administrator

Just how exactly will you bill clients? How does the credentialing work? What does the management and administration of your practice with LWell’s support look like? You’ll meet with our practice manager to go through those details. She’ll interview you. You’ll interview her. And you’ll walk away with a task list of what to do next.

The Mentor

This might sound like a great fit for you and your practice, but will the logistics work? If we both get past the “first date,” you’ll meet one of the LWell mentors who will lead you through a discussion on what it all looks like from a practical standpoint.

The Trainer

Now we’re in the weeds. Now you’re in. Now you have a 10 to 12-month calendar laid out in front of you to see how every detail of this process and practice building will work. We’ll train you on how to submit bills, get paid, go through the credentialing process and more.