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Are you caught up in a constant mental struggle and can’t lose weight? LWell’s Health Immersion Program (H.I.P.) is a clinically developed, proven system for complex weight loss and total mindset re-booting. Overcome all of the obstacles that have kept you stuck and stagnant for far too long. 

    • Stress
    • Insulin Resistance
    • Aging
    • Hormonal Changes
    • Inflammation
    • Food Sensitivities
    • Thyroid Issues
    • Gut Disorders
    • Metabolic Changes
    • Yo-Yo Dieting
    • Defeated Mindset
Complex weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all matter; you need an individualized health plan. H.I.P. is a proven system of lifestyle change, coaching, mindset rebooting, meal plans, exercise guidance, and ongoing support under the direction of a Certified Mental Performance Consultant and our Certified Health Coaches. H.I.P. delivers REAL, lasting results for those with complicated weight-loss issues and health challenges. Your H.I.P. membership provides exclusive content, accountability, motivation, and progress tracking via the LWell App, which synchs with most wearable devices. Become the highest vision you have always imagined for yourself.
LWell Health Coaching

LWell’s Certified Health Coaches

Kerri Blaesser MS, RDN

Diahnn Thompkins, MS, RDN, CSSD

Kerri Blaesser MS, RDN

Ashley Shearer, BS, NBC-HWC

Kerri Blaesser MS, RDN

Juliet Malray, BA, NBC-HWC

Health & Wellness Coach

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Connect with a Coach

LWell’s Certified Health Coaches are here for you. 


Set Your Goals

And get the support you need to succeed.


Change Your Mindset

It’s time to think about weight loss differently.


Reimagine Your Health

Heal your relationship with food at last.


Fitness Plans

Tailored programs to fit your lifestyle.


Expert Insights

Understand why you’ve struggled to lose weight.


Quit the “Diet Game”

We’re talking about permanent lifestyle change.


Tools for Success

Apps to help you stay motivated.

Need More Help? 

Ready to change your mindset and finally lose the weight for good? Want to heal your relationship with food forever? There IS a better solution, right here at your fingertips. LWell’s certified Health Coaches are ready to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals naturally with the right level of support that works for you.

LWell Coaching

Health Immersion Program

(Live plus Text Coaching) 

Need extra support from an LWell Coach? Want weekly check-ins with a LIVE expert? Learn why you haven’t been successful in weight loss and get ready to change your MINDSET!


  • Clinically Supervised Program
  • Mindset Therapy Work
  • LIVE Weekly Check-ins with a Coach
  • Full Access to LWell App
lwell healthy diet

Health Immersion Program

(Text Coaching)

Need help with moderate weight loss? Looking for a maintenance program to stay accountable? Check in with an LWell Coach via our custom app and access small group support at your fingertips. App synchs with any wearable device.


  • Self-Follow Curriculum
  • Check-ins with a Coach via our App
  • Access to Small Group Support
  • Great for Long-term Maintenance 

Health Immersion Consult

(One-on-One Consultation)

Struggling to lose weight? Not sure where to begin? Schedule a private consult with an LWell Health Coach. Get ready for REAL results with focused, expert advice for changing your mindset and approach to weight loss.


  • 1:1 session with an LWell Health Coach
  • Most Personalized Attention
  • Establish Your Health Goals
  • Create a Plan for Success!

Health Immersion Program Overview

Week 1

Introductions, Goal Setting, Fitness intro, Food Philosophy

Week 2

Health, Hydration and Motivation

Week 3

Food (basics, macros and healthy plates) and Habit Formation 

Week 4

Healthy Routines and a Strength Centered Mindset

Week 5

Handling Setbacks and Stress Management Strategies

Week 6

Pushing Past Comfort and Fitness Focused

Week 7

Confidence and Nourishment (antioxidants and micros)

Week 8

Mindfulness and Intuitive Eating 

Week 9

Sleep, Microbiome and Digestion

Week 10

Resilience and Supplements

Week 11

Happiness and Food Joy 

Week 12

Balance, Longevity and Goal Setting

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