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Embark on a journey to optimal health and vitality with our comprehensive guide to functional nutrition testing. In today’s bustling world, achieving peak wellness requires more than just a balanced diet; it demands a nuanced understanding of our body’s unique nutritional needs. Enter functional nutrition testing – a revolutionary approach that delves deep into micronutrient levels, immune reactions (IgG), food sensitivities (MRT), and gut health (GI mapping) to uncover hidden imbalances and empower individuals to reclaim their well-being. Whether you’re grappling with persistent health concerns or simply seeking to optimize your nutritional intake, functional nutrition testing offers invaluable insights tailored to your body’s specific requirements. Join us as we unravel the complexities of micronutrient analysis, immune reactivity profiling, personalized dietary protocols, and gut microbiome assessment, illuminating the transformative potential of functional nutrition testing on your path to vibrant health.

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— with real food and lifestyle changes. 


Anti-inflammatory Bundle 


Food-first functional nutrition therapy services prioritize using dietary interventions to optimize health, focusing on personalized approaches tailored to individual needs. The core of LWell Functional Nutrition programs lies in the innovative methodologies of MRT (Mediator Release Test) and GI mapping. MRT tests identify specific food sensitivities and intolerances, guiding the creation of customized dietary plans to reduce inflammation and improve overall well-being. Concurrently, GI mapping offers insights into gut microbiome composition and function, informing targeted strategies to promote digestive health. LWell Functional Nutrition services emphasize a comprehensive approach, complementing dietary modifications with lifestyle adjustments to achieve sustainable results. Unlike traditional medical nutrition therapy, LWell Functional Nutrition is a deeper dive into personalized wellness, offering a holistic perspective that addresses underlying factors contributing to health imbalances. Patients receive structured guidance and support to embark on a transformative journey toward optimal health and vitality. 


includes testing kits, blood draw, analysis, and consultation


Anti-Aging Bundle 


Improve your nutritional status to optimize efficiency and resilience of cells and cellular function by testing the Mediators released when blood is exposed to various substances as well as your micronutrient status – deficiency or excess. Our Anti-Aging program is crafted for individuals looking to enhance their vitality and well-being as they age. It provides a practical approach to maintaining health and vitality. Through a focus on comprehensive food analysis, we emphasize the importance of nourishing your body with real, wholesome foods to support its natural healing processes. By combining micronutrient testing with MRT (Mediator Release Test), our program offers clarity on your nutritional needs. You’ll gain insights into which foods are best suited for you and which ones to avoid, helping you make informed choices for your well-being.  

Experience the benefits of personalized functional nutrition as you embark on a journey towards maintaining a youthful, vibrant life. Welcome to a program designed to support you in aging gracefully while prioritizing your health and vitality.  


includes testing kits, blood draw, analysis, and consultation


Immune Enhance Bundle


Are you struggling with persistent health issues that seem resistant to conventional treatments? Our Be-Well bundle offers a comprehensive solution tailored to uncovering and addressing underlying dietary triggers. Through a combination of IgG and MRT testing, coupled with thorough analysis and expert guidance, we provide invaluable insight into potential food sensitivities and their impact on your health. Research indicates that sensitivities to foods and food chemicals can contribute to a range of debilitating symptoms and chronic conditions. Unlike medications that merely mask symptoms, our approach targets the root cause, offering long-lasting relief and improved well-being. By identifying and addressing dietary triggers, our bundle empowers you to break free from the cycle of suffering and ineffective treatments. Don’t let unresolved food sensitivities dictate your health journey – take control today with our comprehensive food sensitivity bundle. The payment below covers the necessary lab work, with the assurance that a Functional Nutrition Registered Dietitian will guide you through your results and provide personalized support.

$1,197/one time

includes testing kits, blood draw, analysis, and consultation

How does it work?  

Upon enrollment in a program, you’ll be prompted to complete an extensive health questionnaire in addition to enrollment forms, followed by the delivery of two kits to your doorstep. GI mapping requires a comprehensive stool analysis, the results of which will be forwarded to your practitioner for evaluation. Other tests like MRT, IgG, and micronutrient testing necessitate a blood draw, conveniently facilitated at the LWell office. Upon receipt of both test results, our functional medicine practitioners meticulously analyze the data to formulate a tailored program. During your consultation, you’ll collaborate with the practitioner to review and adjust the program according to your preferences and lifestyle. At this juncture, you can choose whether to engage with a health coach, a registered dietitian, or continue receiving guidance from a functional practitioner based on your ongoing needs.  

Meet Our Functional Nutrition Specialists 

Caroline Fornshell, MS, RDN, CDE, NASM-CPT
Daphne Olivier LDN, RD, CDCES, IFNCP
Kate Langbehn, MS, RDN

Caroline Fornshell


Daphne Olivier


Kate Langbehn


Katelyn Brockmiller RDN
Katrice Mayo MS, RDN, CLT
Rosemary Hutcherson

Katelyn Brockmiller


Katrice Mayo


Rosemary Hutcherson


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