Events & Education

Hands-On Workshop Topics

Meal Plan: Create your shopping list

Meal Plan: Make the plan doable

Meal Plan: Sunday Prep Start

Exercise: Self-Myofascial Release

Exercise: Stretch it Safely

Exercise: Foot Fitness

Exercise: ChiWalking™

Exercise: Strength for Seniors at Home

Exercise: Develop a home workout regimen (Target Ages 35-50)

Exercise: Develop a home Workout regimen (Target Ages 50-65)

Exercise: Interval Training with Injuries

Grocery Store Tour – Diabetes

Grocery Store Tour – Anti-inflammatory Eating

Grocery Store Tour – Optimal Nutrition

Grocery Store Tour – Focused meal plan and shopping list

   Cooking Class Topics

Spice it up! Using new flavors to replace sugar, salt and fat.

Plant-Based Proteins

Lean Greens – Beyond salad

Superfoods and Super Flavor!

1 Dish Meals for glycemic control

Feed your Week in One Night

Convenient Crockpot Creations

Freezer Bag Meals

Easy Quick and Delicious Vegetable Recipes

Real Men Eat Quiche – Delicious and healthful quiches and Frittatas

Tasting Demo Topics

Clean Cooking

How to Cook in 10 minutes per day

Hydrate Healthfully with Flavor!


Tofu Taste Test

6 Week Diet Challenges

Plant-Based Challenge: Try on a vegetarian eating strategy

Eat and Run: Convenience Eating for the busy dieter

Carbs-Fats-Proteins: a 6 week kick off for healthy eating forever

Sugarless – a six week sugar-free plan

Portion Control Tools and Meal Replacements

American Association of Diabetic Educators (AADE)

 Diabetes Reimbursable Education

7 Self Care Behaviors (provided over 6 weeks)

Healthy Eating

Self Monitoring

Problem solving

Being Active

Taking Medication

Reducing Risks

Lecture Topics

  • A review of popular diets: Vegan, Paleo, Mediterranean and more!
  • Advanced Weight Loss
  • Alzheimer’s and Nutrition
  • Anti-inflammatory Eating
  • Clean Proteins and Fun Fats
  • Curb the Carb Cravings
  • Diabetes Doesn’t Define You: Living Gracefully with Diabetes
  • Exercise Strategically (and improve your Labs faster)
  • Food Combining: Get the glycemic index to work for you
  • Food Labels and Marketing Labels
  • Get more fast twitch muscle fibers at any age (and lose weight more easily)
  • Good carbs?
  • Healthy Digestion
  • How do you Milk? The dairy debate
  • How do you Sea? Choose and prepare seafood for health
  • Juicing vs. Smoothies vs. Shakes
  • Low T: Get back your Mojo
  • Meal Replacements: Shakes, Freezer meals, bars
  • Organize your Fridge and Pantry for weight loss success
  • Portion sizes for weight loss and glycemic control
  • Post-Menopausal Weight Gain
  • Raising the Bar – Which bars are candy and which bars are healthy?
  • Sleep, Stress, Spirituality and Weight
  • Soy for Breast Cancer Survivors
  • Sugar High: Break the addiction
  • Supplements: danger, hype and longevity
  • Trust your Neighbor Farmer: Local vs Organic and GMO foods
  • Weight Loss 101

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