life's purpose starts with health


All people have a gift to share with the world.

How do you contribute?

Is it by helping others through encouragement, volunteering or simply by being a great example?

Or do you heal people by working in or supporting the medical community?

Do you offer employment to individuals so that they may be able to support others?

Or maybe you are raising children to contribute positively to society.

We all have something to provide to leave this world a better place.We all have something to contribute. No one is on this Earth without purpose.

By sharing our gifts, this world should get better and better, right? Well, maybe…

So often, I see someone who hasn’t fully recognized the potential of his contributions in elevating the lives of others and in improving the world. There is an obstacle to fulfilling one’s purpose.

Sometimes the obstacle is a lack of self esteem, or maybe the block is an extreme sense of competition, or the inability to hear one’s inner voice, or hypersensitivity or maybe there is an addiction to food or something else that is an obstacle to fulfilling his purpose on this Earth.

So how do you remove the block?

Often, the answer is simple. Take care of your health.

Truly healthful living includes:

  • spirituality
  • effective stress management techniques
  • appropriate sleep
  • nutrition for longevity
  • friendships
  • fun
  • supportive relationships
  • fitness approaches which promote mind-body connections like yoga and tai qi
  • strong healthy muscles
  • cardiovascular endurance
  • balance and agility.


Being deficient in one of these areas can leave a gaping hole in your life. This gaping hole can become filled with unhealthy thoughts and behaviors that serve as an obstacle to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Pave over that pothole by taking care of your health and discover your potential.

Let LWell help you take care of your well-being so you can fulfill your dreams, obligations and life’s purpose. We can’t wait to see what you can accomplish!

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