GRIT: key to health and wellness success

I recently re-watched a Ted Talk that revealed it takes more than intelligence to be successful.

Angela Lee Duckworth describes grit as “passion and perseverance for a very long term goal.” This immeasurable characteristic essentially is the divider between those who become successful and those who don’t.

How is this related to health and wellness? Well, there are a lot of people out there who know how to lose weight. They are smart people who have educated themselves about a way to be successful on the scale. But, translating knowledge into practice long enough to meet a demanding goal requires more then that.

You need grit.

Lots of people have grit and they know they can accomplish weight loss. But what about the other goals each of us have in our lives? What about getting a degree, or working hard for a promotion, or raising children to self-sufficiency? All  of those represent long-term goals, and would require grit to achieve.

I argue that each individual might only have so much grit. Maybe grit can run out, or just needs to be prioritized. Most people are using grit to reach other important life goals, and maybe there’s just not enough grit left at the end of the day for health and wellness.

You need a boost to help you reclaim your grit for wellness. If you’re out of grit for weight loss because other goals have to be your priority, you have another option. Wherever you need the boost – sleep, stress-reduction, fitness, friendships, goal setting, customized nutrition plans – LWell will help you get your grit on.

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