Denise Black, BS, MHRIM

A Passionate Advocate for Health & Wellness


Denise is an accomplished professional with a rich dietetics and institutional management background. Her educational journey includes earning a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Michigan State University and a Master of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management (MHRIM) from Pennsylvania State University.

Professional Journey

Denise has dedicated twenty years to serving as an Air Force dietitian at various hospitals. Her expertise encompasses multiple areas, including food service, clinical dietetics, and general wellness functions. Her commitment to health extends beyond her professional life, positively impacting individuals’ lives.

Personal Fitness Enthusiast

Beyond her professional achievements, Denise is a fervent advocate for personal fitness. Her diverse activities include walking (accompanied by her beloved Labradors), running (including participation in the Marine Corps Marathon multiple times), softball, martial arts, and kayaking. She actively participates in the Williamsburg Senior Softball League, engages in regular pickleball sessions, and is even in training for a half marathon. Despite her extensive running experience, Denise humbly does not consider herself a runner; instead, she holds a deep affection for walking.

Supporting Health Goals

Denise is honored to support LWell’s new walking group, Step by Step, where participants take meaningful strides toward achieving their health goals. Her passion for health and wellness shines through as she encourages and guides individuals on their journey to improved well-being.

Join Denise Black on a transformative adventure towards a healthier and happier life. Embrace the joy of movement, make fitness a lifestyle, and let Denise inspire you to reach new heights in your health and wellness journey.



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