Kristin Walsh, RDN

From Kristin’s Clients

These reviews are reprinted from the LWell Google Business Review Page and are intended to help you find a registered dietitian who can help you reach optimal health.

Client Testimonials

Donnalyn - March 2023

“Kristin Walsh is a count of information and takes me right where I am. I never feel judged when I veer off the healthy path and she helps me get back on with great ideas”

Sharon - October 2022

“K. Walsh is a very engaged and loving person.”

Carly - July 2022

“The office staff is helpful, communicative, & professional. Kristin Walsh made me feel comfortable, understood and respected. I received a lot of information & looking forward to implementing new things to aid in my recovery. I’m very much looking forward to our next session.”

Genna - April 2022

“Kristin was very helpful. I learned a lot to better my lifestyle and my health most of all. She was very nice and pleasurable to talk to.”

Patricia - January 2022

“Kristen is very passionate About my health & wellness. She’s very attentive and understanding.”

Wanda - January 2022

“Non-gimmicky, sound advice that I can follow the rest of my life.”

Stephawn - December 2021

“She’s very kind and helps you achieve any goal you set for yourself.”

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